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Celebrate the Season with Your Pet

Your pet is a special part of your life. So it’s only right to get in the holiday spirit with your furry friend at your side! While there are certainly some holiday dangers to watch out for, there’s still countless ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with your pet.

Bake treats. We recommend pet-safe pumpkin treats. Pumpkin has some great health benefits and it’s tasty, too! Its health benefits include urinary tract support, fiber that aids in digestion, essential fatty acids for healthy skin and fur, hairball control, parasite prevention, weight control, and its loaded with key nutrients. What’s there not to love?!

Dress your pet in their holiday best. As long as the clothing is non-restrictive and your pet is comfortable, feel free to dress your pet in a sweater, pajamas, or bandana! Plus, during the colder winter months, we’re sure your pet would appreciate a warm winter hat and coat.

Take holiday photos. Sit your pets next to the Christmas tree or menorah and snap away (If the menorah is lit with candles, please keep your pet a safe distance)! Mr. & Mrs. Claus may even be coming to your community for a photoshoot with your pets.

Create decorations. If you have a creative itch this holiday season, make your pet a cute stocking, yarmulke, or paw-print ornament for the tree.

Look at the holiday lights. Take a drive or a walk around your neighborhood with your pet and check out the sparkling lights and decorated homes.

Curl up on the couch and binge-watch holiday movies. Take a break and enjoy some R&R with your pet. After all of the holiday festivities, it may be exactly what you and your pet need!